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And... this would be me!

u can go tell shawty wtf I said. BYE ✌ but idgaf bout shawty jk but that's how I be


bitch, back du fuck off, he's way too old for you anyway youz a freshman and this nigga a senior

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9... Kkkkkk. You can handle anything for 10 seconds.

I wanna tell you so much shit and fuck you up but then i remember im a changed person.

I don't hate you, it's just... actually, no, fuck you.

Fuck you. Fuck everything you believe. Fuck all the things you left behind. Fuck your stupid ideas. Fuck your new chapter. Fuck you.

There is honestly no reason to lie to me. I'm too understanding, I get shit, I get life. I know that shit happens, just be straight up with me

Every guy I've ever met :(

Here's to priceless guy friends, who haven't had a break in their schedule once since I told.em to back tf off lmao