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Vintage Computers and Software Ads of the 1980s (Page 5)

Vintage Computers and Software Ads of the (Page

1984 IBM computer: floppy drive & 20+ MB hard drive; price approx. 6,000

1982 ish, it was an elective class in High school IBM computer: floppy drive & MB hard drive;

Floppydisk anyone remember this? My dad still has this disk. Wait? Is that his handwriting in the corner? Do all dads have the same handwriting?

Growing up in the 80s & 90s had some major perks (30 photos)

These early machines from Alan Turing, IBM, and more prove that even the earliest computers were still plenty sexy.

The Brutal Beauty Of The Earliest Super Computers

The ICL 7500 series etc.) are a range of terminals and workstations that were developed by the now defunct UK computing company, ICL, during the By the highly specialised versions of these machines had the ability to

Miss the Commodore 64. I wrote my own programs, printer drivers, DOS, games and more on the C64. I cracked many games under the alias 'Long John Silicon.'  -M.Showalter

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