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Chipotle Faces Criminal Investigation For Illness Outbreak

NEW YORK >> An outbreak of E. coli linked to Chipotle has expanded to nine states, with a total of 52 reported illnesses.The food illnesses have struck Chipotle hard. The company said Friday …

Dr Oz recommends drinking cinnamon tea and eating an apple a day to fight and prevent bad breath. http://www.drozfans.com/dr-oz-beauty/dr-oz-cinnamon-tea-bad-breath-remedy-dr-brandts-crease-release/

Dr Oz shared a cinnamon tea bad breath remedy as well as Botox-in-a-bottle beauty solutions that reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

CHUCK NORRIS RAISES RED FLAG OVER MONSANTO Frustrated over health risks from world's most popular weedkiller

Chuck Norris is frustrated over the health risks caused by the world's most popular weedkiller.

He tastes 600 cups of tea a day

PepsiCo's Pure Leaf Tea Master John Cheetham is a 'tea sommelier' with 17 years of experience. He takes CNNMoney's Cristina Alesci through his tasting process.

Economy seats in the new Airspace by Airbus are 18 inches wide. The lighting in the cabin can be changed to reflect the time of day. Overhead bins will fit five suitcases.

Airbus debuts futuristic cabin with self-flushing toilets and ambient lighting

European aircraft manufacturer Airbus introduced its next-generation aircraft cabin, dubbed “Airspace.

Twitter names Jack Dorsey as CEO

Twitter names Jack Dorsey as CEO

Twitter S, World News, Announcement, Jack O'connell, Names

Guess which huge company now offers unlimited paid time off

SirSir! You Need to Call the Other Time Warner

Studio Ceed shares: Comcast and Time Warner Cable hike modem fees as much as Time to buy your own.

System That Checks Air Passengers Against Watchlist Briefly Goes Down

System That Checks Air Passengers Against Watchlist Briefly Goes Down

Apparently, making America “safe again” involves cutting airport and coastal security to channel billions of dollars to pro-Trump border unions.

Syngenta Says Sales Steady as Clouds Gather Over Latin America

China's state-owned ChemChina just got approval from U. and European regulators to buy Switzerland's Syngenta in the biggest Chinese foreign takeover deal ever.

Rovio Laying Off 260 Workers - http://gazettereview.com/2015/08/rovio-laying-off-260-workers/

Rovio Laying Off 260 Workers

Angry Birds maker Rovio will cut up to of its staff, the company announced on Wednesday.

Essential Oils and Brain Injuries ~ What You Are Not Being Told

Essential Oils and Brain Injuries . What You Are Not Being Told

Your Essential Oil Travel Kit: Avoid 6 Common Vacation Disasters With Your Own Fragrant Pharmacy.flying anxiety, travel sickness, etc.

Double check your figures to assure there are no mistakes (Photo via Shutterstock)  via @AOL_Lifestyle Read more: http://www.aol.com/article/finance/2016/10/12/impending-y2k-like-chaos-neither-candidate-is-addressing/21580790/?a_dgi=aolshare_pinterest#fullscreen

Impending Y2K-like chaos neither candidate is addressing

IRS computer systems suffering 'hardware failure' during tax season

Playboy to eliminate nude photos from the magazine - Oct. 12, 2015

Playboy to eliminate nude photos from the magazine

"Don't get me wrong me is very disappointed in current me" Cory Jones Playboy Chief Content Officer on his decision to eliminate nudes from the magazine