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Lovely Willow Branches - Vinyl Wall Art Decal

Lovely Willow Branches - Vinyl Wall Art Decal


Easy Willow Rocker by Boex: Hand sprung willow branches to mold to the contours of your body. Would be awesome on a dreamy sun porch

Gardens-when will my weeping willow be big enough to do this....sigh....

I'm in love with weeping willows, I want my dream house to have a big backyard with the willow tree in the center and a place to sit under like a hanging chair from a branch and lose my imagination under it whenever I like and feel the fresh air.

I could do this, if the right chair came my way.

4 x colorful Thonet dining chairs custom order by namedesignstudio, inspiration idea diy

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How to make a living willow chair - for our front garden - I can hardly wait to give this a go .

Keeping it real natural in the office. And, a coat rack. (chris martin furniture design)

Stand by Chris Martin of Ames, Iowa. Category: Furniture, Tables and Seating.

Depois de 20 anos a fabricar cadeiras por conta de outrem, Alípio achou que era o momento para se dedicar à recuperação e restauro de mobiliário e de restos da natureza. Do mar podem “vir” cadeiras, esculturas, bijutaria e sobretudo peças com alma.

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Twig Furniture: Jerry Tomasek's Unique Designs Using Sticks Found in the Woods

Twig Furniture

Twig Furniture - Jerry Tomasek is a self-taught woodworker with a deep respect for nature and the environment. He first envisions the design he wants to make, often.

John Krubsack (1858-1941). One day in 1903, a friend admired a beechwood chair Krubsack had crafted, and complimented him on his handicraft. A man who perhaps didn't know how to take a compliment, Krubsack announced, "Dammit, one of these days I am going to grow a piece of furniture that will be better and stronger than any human hands can build." Fifteen years later, he had done just that, with every joint in his chair "cemented by nature."

theoddmentemporium: “ The Chair That Grew John Krubsack was a self-starter. A banker from Embarrass, Wisconsin, he was the first in the area to boast running water, he landscaped his property before.