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A Hmong child in Laos

Blond people in China Part Blond in China and her neighbors

Hmong girls in 1973 The government of Laos has been accused of committing genocide against that country’s Hmong ethnic minority.Some Hmong groups fought as CIA-backed units on the Royalist side in the Laos civil war. After the Pathet Lao took over the country in 1975, the conflict continued in isolated pockets. In 1977, a communist newspaper promised the party would hunt down the “American collaborators” and their families “to the last root.  Interesting read....

Hmong girls in Laos 1973 2 - Laos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Layered long Hmong dress

Layered long Hmong dress

Vietnam – Red Hmong woman

Red Hmong woman with traditional headdress (Turban), Vietnam

Flower Hmong Woman in Bac Ha....by *omnia*

Flower Hmong Woman in Bac Ha.by *omnia*