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26 * 9 * 2015 星期六 我喜欢吃公仔饼, 喜欢它口感饱满、带软及越嚼越香的味道。 ❤ 那天在烘焙店看见这可爱的小号龟粿木模,毫不犹豫买了下来。 这龟粿的模心尺寸就只有直径4.5cm x 宽3.5cm, 小小的,超可爱,所以用它来制作了这款...

Mold used to shape the shell, legs added before it is removed from the mold, add head, use toothpick to form mouth, black sesame seed eyes. Egg wash applied to shell only.

turtle made out of bread

If playing with your food keeps you young, I’m re-enrolling in kindergarten (31 photos)

Funny pictures about Oddly Satisfying Turtle Bread. Oh, and cool pics about Oddly Satisfying Turtle Bread. Also, Oddly Satisfying Turtle Bread photos.

Hedgehog buns

Immensely cute little hedgehog buns. Sweet and Spicy Bacon Chicken: 4 chicken breasts cut in thirds piece.

Handmade Snowskin Piggy 制作冰皮小猪猪

These cute little piggies are relatively easy to make at home without much effort and can be easily packed off in pretty boxes for your loved ones.

这些猪仔们的魅力真是十足啊! 看到许多家都做了这可爱的嘟嘟猪月饼, 我也跟着队伍参加了 Ann 的猪仔团。 看! 这一只只的猪仔是不是可爱至极呢!      但是, 现实中的猪就不是这般的可爱了。 猪, 给人的印象是很脏, 很丑也很臭。 ...

Kitchen Garden Recipes: Where bite first?

Mooncake Fillings: Durian Fillings (榴莲月饼馅)

Mooncake Fillings: Durian Fillings (榴莲月饼馅)

BayMax rice ball - Big Hero 6 inspired kids school lunch box I LOVE this!

Ham & Nut Mooncake Recipe, by thewoksoflife.com

Ham and Nut Mooncakes (五仁月饼)

Ham & Nut Mooncake Recipe, by thewoksoflife.com