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Japanese designer Aki Inomata's latest printed hermit crab shell is her most elaborate creation yet.


Aki Inomata - Translucent Hermit Shell Crabs Adorned with Architectural Cityscapes by Aki Inomata shells sculpture crabs architecture

This Hermit Crab Has A Glass Cathedral For A Shell | Co.Design | business + design

This Hermit Crab Has A Glass Cathedral For A Shell

Hermit crab gets an incredibly beautiful printed shell modeled after a Japanese wedding chapel

Aki Inomata 3D printed glass hermit crab shells

Artist Interview: Aki Inomata

Process of "Why Hand Over a 'Shelter' to Hermit Crabs? " AKI INOMATA

Artist City-Shaped Shells For Hermit Crabs - Video - Process Video


The temporary shelter installation is a dark inflatable bar with a Dj. The whole structure as well as the interior furniture is made out of black PVC membran.

Wreckage in the snow: Russia's forgotten future – in pictures

Restricted Areas - Memorial on a deserted nuclear station

Pampshade Bread Lamps

Pampshade Bread Lamps

Japanese artist Yukiko Morita transforms real bread into functional lamps! Pampshade is a collection of bread lamps made from actual loaves of bread covered in a layer of resin to protect the bread from decaying.

An arctic weasel runs on the snowy beach of Unstad Lofoten Island, in the Arctic Circle, on March 8, 2016

2016: The Year in Photos, January-April

An Arctic weasel runs on the snowy beach of Unstad, Lofoten Islands, Norway, on March


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