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Bat Jack Returns by TheRealJoshLyman on deviantART. OMG I DONT KNOW WHERE TO PIN THIS!!!! ITS SO INCREDIBLY AMAZING!

Lock, Shock and Barrel.

Bat Jack batman x jack skellington


Masters of the Nightmare Before Christmas AKA Jack Skeletor

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Enlace permanente de imagen incrustada

DC vs Marvel. Looks to me like Marvel is winning...

lo mejor de marvel vs dc

MARVEL VS DC vs lobo vs hulk america vs batman vs namor vs mercurio marvel vs thor vs catwoman vs spiderman plateada vs linterna verde maravilla vs to.

Batman themed omg my 2 favorites in one!

"the wrong halloween" (nightmare meets batman rogues)

Batjack - this is awesome. @Irina Levtsenyuk and @gentry pearson

Batjack - tim-burton Fan Art I love this- want it

Jack Skellington's parents, La Muerte and Xibalba - Nightmare Before Christmas meets The Book of Life

Jack and his parents AU Headcanon accepted

Bat Stitch

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Harley and The Joker/ Jack and Sally

Jack and Sally/Joker and Harley mashup


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Nightmare Before Christmas, Beatlejuice, Edward Scissor Hands, and Corpse Bride~Tim Burton Such a cool tattoo idea!

Jack skelington and sally's kids

The Children of Jack & Sally Colourtest by ~HorrorPillow on deviantART.holy crap if only tim Burton made a sequel with them having kids!

Joker & Harley/Jack & Sally

Jack & Sally as The Joker & Harley Quinn by Josh Lyman

The Avengers - Loki vs The Dark Knight Part 2. This is just sooo damned epic!

The Avengers vs Dark Kight. The Avengers always wins!

[I was on the set when this happened - it was August 29, 2007 - it was the old Brachs Candy Factory parking garage made to look like the exterior of the hospital - it was a 2 day shoot & I was actually 3 feet away from Ledger at one point in  the day.]

Funny pictures about Heath Ledger's sheer talent. Oh, and cool pics about Heath Ledger's sheer talent. Also, Heath Ledger's sheer talent.