Exterior benches | Street furniture | Harris | Metalco | Sjit. Check it out on Architonic

Plaza Decking / Bench in a public park makes an excellent gathering space where nighttime lighting aids in safety efforts. Overall a really crisp design, simple, yet elegant.

http://img.archilovers.com/projects/06185e45-f74b-4402-b89f-0ff716926ef4.jpg #UrbanLandscape

http://img.archilovers.com/projects/06185e45-f74b-4402-b89f-0ff716926ef4.jpg #UrbanLandscape

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Project Name: Symantec Chengdu Campus Location: Chengdu, CHINA Area: 1 hectare Completion: January 2009 Landscape Architecture: SWA Photos: Tom Fox -The LA Team

Forming a refuge of tranquility in the heart of Tokyo, Yutaka Kawahara Design Studio has created the magical ‘Ekouin Nenbutsudo Temple’ veiled in trees.

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FLOOR LIGHTS “ Make wider use of paving lights Walking through Liberty Plaza at night is one of the current highlights of Downtown, with the glowing trees and lights in the floor.

Würth La Rioja Museum Gardens / Dom Arquitectura  The landscapes irregular lines, widen and narrow, intersect and intertwine, and adapt to the solar topography. Volumes of  wood protrude from the ground, concrete walls and walkway like rocks become walking tours and rest areas.

Würth La Rioja Museum Gardens / Dom Arquitectura