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A room within a room!

Narnia-like Wardrobe Hidden Playroom. If I'm ever super rich, I'll do this for my kids. Heck, forget the kids, I'll make my own secret room.


Secret hiding places: The last place they’ll ever look for your virginity (30 Photos)

cut out hole is old armoire, fit over door to play room = secret room in the wardrobe = NARNIA PLAYROOM

secret passage ♥perfect for an attic bedroom, their closet can lead to a playroom

(Narnia or not. How awesome would this be as a kid!) Wardrobe Passage to Hidden Narnia-Themed Playroom. Secret rooms are the BEST!

Absolutely #magical #kids #bed design. Check more at www.northcarolinahomes.com

One of the bedrooms upstairs have a slanted wall, this is a wonderful idea for a kids room! maybe would put another bed at the foot of this one instead of the bench/shelf

I'd love the huge hammock bed... except when I had to get up in the middle of the night to pee & couldnt get up fast enough :)

I heard u like bedz and to haz a sleepz

Quirky, crazy and all around amazing beds. - I love the book bed and the TARDIS bed, but I'm so confused by the roller coaster ones

Secret kids play room. Inspired by The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Yay for secret rooms! --Wardrobe leads to secret play room. It would be soooo cool to decorate the secret play room like Narnia!

I like the idea but to a playroom, not basement

Secret slide to the basement. This has to happen in my basement! If you do your laundry in the basement you can just throw it down the slide too!

More bunk beds

It is ideal to have enough space so each of your child has its own bedroom. But what if you have just one bedroom and four kids? The best way out is opting for bunk beds that will accomodate all of your kids plus will help solving space issues.

20 Modern and Cool Hidden Doors | http://www.designrulz.com/design/2014/01/20-modern-and-cool-hidden-doors/

20 Modern and Cool Hidden Doors

I can just imagine every time I go somewhere, pulling at the bookcases to see if there is a secret room hidden behind them.

Hidden pink bed inside a closet with storage. So cute for a little girl's room

Furniture for Small Spaces: 5 Cool Hidden Beds

A bed in a cupboard--I'd go for that. A cupboard / armoire bed - cool idea

Mini-kast bed

bunk bed with nook and tons of other space saving ideas for kids' rooms

Hidden places for the home

Hope it works better than the one in the in the closet floor of the beach house. damn thief's Secret safe place to hide valuables jewellery

homemade triple bunk | The closet organizer: shoe storage, individual hampers and shelves for ...

Space-saving triple bunkbeds ((My girls already have triple bunks but it takes up half the room. This is an interesting setup.

loft bed with container steps-This is what I want but would have a desk and more book shelves underneath. Build one for a full size bed.

Full Size Loft Bed With Desk Underneath - Foter

Indoor treehouse bed

Indoor tree house - for those long Michigan winters. 6 Amazing Treehouse Beds That Bring Magic to Bedtime treehouse loft bed – Inhabitots

hiding stuff...now i need to find a similar but new hiding spot since you all know where I would hide something!

Clever hiding spots for the home. I adore the tub one.