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Call us feminist, but – isn’t it sort of weird that the big, un-fancy cake goes to the boys (and only on their birthdays, since presumably too many cakes would make them gay) while the smaller, frou-frou number goes to ‘good little girls?’ Of course, the femme cake has a cherry on top. Creepy.

Gourmet Goods and Supermarket Staples. Your Ultimate Food Court Is Now In Session.

Salisbury Steak {with Mushroom Gravy} Taste delicious! I used 1/2 tsp. of dried parsley instead of fresh,  no thyme, and I added extra panko breadcrumbs, because my mixture wasn't the right constancy.

Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy: A sort of glorified hamburger steak, fast and truly delicious (and they have never heard of it in Salisbury)

What's Your Fancy Dessert Name?

What's Your Fancy Dessert Name?

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Joys of Jell-O : birthday surprise, cherry charlotte russe and vegetable salad

60 Amazing Brownies & Bar Recipes from your FAVORITE Bloggers! Tons of quick and easy treat ideas!

60 Brownie and Bar Recipes

60 Amazing Brownies & Bar Recipes - Tons of quick and easy treat ideas! The mother of all dessert pins!

Meatloaf Dumplings.. In all their Mid century glory! ❤️

Baked meat loaf dumpling recipe (1950

Tiramisu Ice Cream Cake Recipe

medium chocolate sponge cake ltr vanilla ice tbsp coffee powder½ cup cream cheese½ cup hung tbsp cocoa powderINSTRUCTIONS:Take half of the cake slices spread them onto the base of the

This is SO HELPFUL! What makes brownies chewy, fudgy, or cakey.

The Ultimate Brownie Guide experiments with ingredients and methods to see what makes brownies cakey, chewy, or fudgy so you can make your…

Strawberry Nesquik Brownies Allrecipes.com

Strawberry Nesquik Brownies

This is my adaption of Chocolate Nesquik Brownies, using strawberry flavor, adding white chocolate chips. Perfect for Valentine's Day! Very gooey, uber rich, unique brownies! This was created for my daughter's school Valentine's Day party.

Turtles and Pearls: From My Kitchen to Yours {Sweet and Sour Chicken}

A tastier (and lighter) sweet and sour chicken recipe // I enjoyed this recipe.

Easy Cream Cheese Brownies, these were incredible!  I used Betty Crocker Dark Chocolate Brownies as the base.

Easy Cream Cheese Brownies

Easy Cream Cheese Brownies: Brownie 1 ounce) package fudge brownie mix size) cup water (or what mix calls for) cup oil (or what your mix calls for) 2 eggs (or what your mix calls for) Topping 1 ounce) package cream cheese cup sugar 1 egg teaspoon vanilla

Cookie Mini Cheesecakes

Try this Cookie Mini Cheesecakes recipe, made with HERSHEY& products. Enjoyable baking recipes from HERSHEY& Kitchens.

This SPAM ad featuring a recipe for "Fiesta Peach SPAM Bake."

This SPAM ad featuring a recipe for "Fiesta Peach SPAM Bake."

Oh you crazy recipies. Don't know what it was from the to that made wacky food combos de rigor. Here we have a vintage Spam ad featuring a recipe for Fiesta Peach Spam.

Samoa Brownies

Samoa Brownies

Samoa Brownies - Rich fudgey brownies topped with a delicious salted caramel buttercream, toasted coconut, chocolate

Easy Fancy Desserts | Simple Desserts with Lots of “Wow!” Factor

Simple Desserts with Lots of “Wow!” Factor — Cooking During Stolen .