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Fall in love with someone who knows how God would love you, fall in love with someone who always tells you the truth from their heart. Fall in love with someone who loves their self because of whom they are.because then they will know how to love you!

Still I Rise, Maya Angelou. One of the most beautiful, bold, and brave pieces in the English language.

Time to stop fighting for you and start fighting for me - Google Search

"I will fight for you. I will stand behind you and watch your back every chance I get. I will destroy those who do you wrong. But I will not compete for your attention.

So true, well if it seems that way then yes you have to give up, some people show caring different, but then some are just that, non caring & self absorbed.

Online home school high school Available as a poster, "When tomorrow starts without me." Someone found this poem clipping in their mother's bible after she died.

I hope the person I care about, is aware of that imperfection. Not for me but for herself and for the person she cares about.

I'm sorry vkl

"Never take someone's feelings for granted. You never know how much courage it took them to show." Sometimes you only show your feelings to a select few.

"...value whoever values you and don't treat as a priority whoever treats you as an option."

This is so true - Another for sure in life is that a lie, no matter how well crafted cannot live forever, but the truth will always remain 💯. You don't have to look far for the truth if you want to know it.

consistent disappointment

My tolerance for this is getting shorter and shorter. And for this relationship I'm about done. I've asked 3 times for a need to be met. You're not matching my effort and I'm starting to resent you for it.