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My coturnix quail is broody and sitting her own eggs. Codorniz cubriendo...

One of my golden coturnix quail paired off with a borrowed tuxedo, went broody and started to sit eggs. The Fred and Ginger Story

Japanese Quail in an Outdoor Colony Pen Setting Listen to what she says about summer and winter meat plan accordingly.

We just bought our first 12 quail! We are raising them in an outdoor "colony" style pen on the ground and hope to feed them sprouted barley as a more natural.

My organically raised quail with her own chicks. Mi codorniz y polluelos...

My organically raised quail with her own chicks. Mi codorniz y polluelos. Ma caille et ses poussins

She feeds her quail an amazing diet!

I share information as to what I feed my quail on a daily basis and solicit advice on how I could feed them a more organic based diet.

Baby coturnix quail chicks 4 days old

Little chicks the night we brought them home!


Converted chicken coop to quail aveary!

Gliessman, the farmer-professor, believes there is no shame in farming part-time. “Many farmers do it this way,” he says. “It puts less strain on the landscape and allows the farmer to connect what they’re doing with other activities in the community, which then helps him to sell his products. It’s like an artist or musician that does things other than art to be solvent. I see farming as an art.”

When the Well Runs Dry, Try Dry Farming

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