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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – October 30, 2014  - The Mexican Museum, the premier West Coast museum of Mexican, Mexican-American, Chicano, Latin American, and Latino art, culture and heritage, announc...

The Mexican Museum Announces New Galleries to be Named in Honor of Diego Rivera and Nelson A.

Elizabeth Catlett was an African-American sculptor, painter and printmaker who died just before her 97th birthday. In a career spanning more than 70 years, She celebrated the heroic strength and endurance of African-American and Mexican working-class women. Throughout her career, Catlett was a progressive committed to improving the lives of Black and Mexican women, and she often used her art explicitly to advance their cause.

Elizabeth Catlett, Sculptor With Eye on Social Issues, Dies at 96

"Elizabeth Catlett renowned African-American sculptor and printer, was a champion of the arts, civil rights and women's rights. She will be remembered for her distinguished depictions of women and the black experience.

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25 Craft-Inspired Desserts That Are (Almost) Too Cute To Eat

This colorful cake is probably one of my favorites. Designer Karen Vazquez recreated the vibrant floral patterns typically found on Mexican wedding dresses by using a technique that resembles traditional embroidery.

Jordan Spencer eyes. Striking Photos Will Change The Way You See The Average American

The Average American's Face Will Change How You Think About Race

I can't decide between making her African American-ish like this or white hair .The average American circa Courtesy of National Geographic. Photograph by Martin Schoeller. We can only hope we all look like this in 50 year's time.

Mexican American flag

This is a picture of the Mexican and the American flag combined together. This is supposed to describe Danny's background. Danny although split in two is actually one whole just like how this flag has two countries in one.

sarape blankets deconstructed and REconstructed into wall installations, by adrian esparza <3 (installation view)

Texas based artist Adrian Esparza deconstructs and then reconstructs Mexican sarape blankets, viewing them as “an evolving self-portrait.

From The Tamale Chica Chronicles Pilsen artist Robert Valadez has just finished a striking new piece, part Rosie the Riveter and part Chica con Mexicana that captures a different aspect and spirit of the Mexican American experience.    In case you wondered what the old Rosie the Riveter looked like:

” Valadez chose to combine Rosie the Riveter with La Adelita, a fictional character from the Mexican Revolution because he says both are feminist archetypes that speak to the empowerment of women. The artist is Robert Valadez.

These Colors Don’t Run; Pleading With American Tourists Everywhere

These Colors Don’t Run; Pleading With American Tourists Everywhere

1950S Women Roles | Sparkle Icon: Josephine Baker | Sparkle Daily

Sparkle Icon: Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker (June 1906 – April was an African-American dancer, singer, and actress who found fame in her adopted homeland of France. She was given such nicknames as the “Bronze Venus”, the “Black Pearl”, and the “Créole Goddess”.

selena  - shot to death

Revolting Moments of the Past- Or I am just a total drama queen

Wallpaper and background photos of Como La Flor for fans of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez images.

With October on the horizon, it's time to start decorating your casita for the autumn season. That means swapping out cool blues and ivories for bold, brilliant oranges, reds and golds. It means spooky Halloween-inspired goods; and, for many Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, it means it's time to get in the spirit (get it?) of Dia de los Muertos.

Dia de los Muertos: 8 Stunning Pieces of Calavera Art

Day of the Dead Art Prints Mexican Loteria SET of 9 Designs - 5 x 8 x or 11 x 14

Frida Kahlo body cast painting ...by adding the communist symbol to her chest she could show her political heart and force her true identity into the faces of photographers and american magazines who kept trying to press her into the shape of a mexican novelty who was only interesting because of her fashion style

frida kahlo's body cast paintings (art transforms)