the best adhesives for all felt crafts including felt sheets, needle felting, and wet felting - also the pros, cons and when/where to use them - a GREAT overview!

3 Best Glues for Felt Crafts. Adhesive recommendations from a long-time felt crafter and former publishing craft editor. Pros, cons and tips.

embroidery on felt tutorial - transfer pattern with lightweight tear-away stabilizer

Embroidering words on to felt using stabilizer - comments suggest using wax paper, both ideas look interesting.

GREAT tutorial -- Needle Felting 101: Introduction to Needle Felting - Petals to Picots

Needle Felting 101: Introduction to Needle Felting

* could start needle felting for flowers on my beanies n stuff" GREAT tutorial -- Needle Felting Introduction to Needle Felting - Petals to Picots

4 Needle Felting Secrets to save you time, money and headaches. | Bear Creek Felting

4 Needle Felting Secrets to Save you Time, Money and Headaches

Needle felting artist Teresa Perleberg shares some of her needle felting secrets that she has learned over the years felting everyday.

How to Make Felted Wool from Old Sweaters - This is a simple tutorial for felting wool sweaters in the washing machine to use in sewing and DIY projects.

I just know that you’ll find some amazing inspiration for summer amongst these 25 fabulous outdoor spaces and DIY projects.

Is THAT how you do it? It just seems to look easier, and easier, probably easier than when I tried to do amigurumi. Comment if you do needle felt and tell me what you'd rate the difficulty on a scale of 1 to 5!

I started by making hearts in a cookie cutter. Love hand felting using a cookie cutter.

Moment to Moment: First time needle feltingin a cookie cutter. Love it!

We recently received some beautiful wool rowing , and Kaleena has been asking and asking to do some needle felting, she has watched me do it.

Fantastic wet felting instructions.  All you need is some wool roving, soap and hot water then let your imagination soar!

Wet Felting by Rosina Huber - nice tutorial for how to do wet felting with roving.

Felt Bookmark

✄ A Fondness for Felt ✄ felted craft diy inspiration - Felt Bookmark with cutout leaves Mais