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December 13, 2012 | Schedule | John Batchelor Show. Thursday 1020P (720P Pacific Time): David Schenker, Washington Institute on Arab Politics director. Previously served in the Ofc of SecDef, Levant country director; in re: Morsi turning to Tehran and Beijing for support in the event that Washington cuts Cairo off.

Egyptian protesters gather outside the presidential palace in Cairo, Egypt, Friday, Dec.


NASA Releases Amazing New Images of Earth at Night

UKRAINE 2014 RIOT - Imgur


Pro-European protesters clash with riot policemen in Kiev, on January (Reuters/Gleb Garanich

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I love New York City. I love the space shuttle. So when I saw these official NASA photos of the most amazing spacecraft flying over the most amazing city in the planet, I instantly got a space nerd single tear running down my face.

I chose this to show just how thin they are, how they are barely taking up any room, and there is about 15 people in there.

Holocaust: Photograph of Survivors in Hospital Barracks 2 (for Jews) After Liberation in the Ebensee Concentration Camp

G.O.P. Opposition to Immigration Law Is Falling Away - NYTimes

G.O.P. Opposition to Immigration Law Is Falling Away

egypt's revolution

A group of army planes spraying Egyptian flag colours above Tahrir Square.

Explore the ancient city of Timbuktu, Mali, Africa. #travel #bucketlist

Mali Women Outside Mud Mosque, Djenne, Mali.The area in front of Djenne's Grande Mosque, is a natural meeting place for people and also the site of one of the best markets in Africa, held every Monday.

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this shows democracy because you don't have freedom to do what you want to do.

Egyptian protesters gather outside the presidential palace in Cairo, Egypt, Friday, Dec. 7' 2012. Egypt's political crisis spiraled deeper into bitterness and recrimination as thousands of Islamist backers of the president vowed vengeance at a funeral for men killed in bloody clashes earlier this week and large crowds of the president's opponents marched on his palace to increase pressure after he rejected their demands

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Egyptian protesters gather outside the presidential palace in Cairo, Egypt, Friday, Dec.

Sunday 05/05/13 Batchelor Special IRAN | John Batchelor Show Guest: From 04/24/13: Aaron Klein, WABC: in re US, Turkey, Qatar, Egypt, Russia, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Fatah, Hizballah, Hamas and Al Qaeda prepare for NATO intervention in Syria Civil War. Photo: Damascus overlooking large explosions in arsenal bunkers, reportedly by Israeli airstrikes, May 5, 2013.

Potential Israel-Syria war be a dry run for Western war with Iran.

More than 100,000 people took to the streets of Cairo on Tuesday to protest a decree by Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi, that grants him sweeping constitutional powers. "Dictator" was the word used to describe Morsi's new status, which grants the immunity for the president from judicial review as well protecting a controversial constitutional assembly dominated by the group he is affiliated with, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt: protesters descend on Tahrir Square

A view of anti-Morsi protesters gathering at Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt

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Egyptian Army tanks, left, deploy as Egyptian protesters gather outside the presidential palace during a demonstration against President Mohammed Morsi in Cairo, Egypt.