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pregnancy books & beyond. The top 20 books for pregnancy, parenting, baby sleep, and for moms in general.

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Top 20 books for pregnancy and beyond. Great books for new moms and veteran moms. Best pregnancy, parenting, baby sleep, and mama books!

Pregnancy - I've seen some where "you" have no room & the baby is pushed up on the stomach

Diagram of mommys body at 20 weeks pregnant, triple the size of the top half and there you have my body.

To my son... I love you

Baby book/scrapbook idea for kids ultrasound pages.Baby Ultrasound Art - remembering the joy of being pregnant

Image result for quotes and sayings about for ultrasounds

Wish you healthy, perfect & strong baby. Mommy can't wait to see you come to this world. Mommy love you so much my sweetheart 😗😗😗😗

Glory days is linda b

I would die for you my baby love. I'll never let anything happen to you my baby. Motherhood changed my life only for the better. I promise you as your mommy that I'll never give up on you.

Pregnancy Quote: I'm in love with a human I haven't met yet.   Pregnancy is beautiful. Read more!

Pregnancy is Beautiful

Right before Ron & I married, I was told I could not have children - thankfully, the Father had other plans and answered our prayer.  He is so good.

For This Child I Prayed - 1 Samuel 1:27 Vinyl Wall Decal (B-001)

I love this for both my children. I prayed and prayed to get Kayleigh and the Lord answered my prayer.then I prayed and prayed for Ben to be healthy again, and the Lord, once again, wonderfully and graciously answered my prayer! Thank you, Jesus!