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Con la gran cantidad de tecnología a nuestra disposición, es muy fácil guardar momentos para siempre. Si eres o estás a punto de convertirte en papá o mamá, debes tener estas fotos de tu bebé. Saliendo del hospital con tu bebé. Con un mameluco gracioso. Sus pequeñitos pies. :3 Profundamente dormido, como si fuera un ángel. ¬¬ …

24 fotos que todo papá debe hacer con su BEBÉ.

Even people who hate feet have to admit that baby feet are freaking adorable. For maximum cuteness put something else in the frame (like your hand) to show just how tiny they really are.

This is so divine, so pure. Makes you forget all the evil and impurity around you.

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baby feet are the cutest little things! Especially when little girl nails are painted! would be a cute pic for mom and daughter or sisters.

Cute ✿⊱╮They get so fascinated by being able to stick out their tongue, love a pic like this.


Cute little feet :) Cute baby photo ideas hand-picked by the Mamma Fashion team. Kids of all cuteness, belly laughs and total sweetness. - Mamma Fashion www.


Baby Toes {ever wonder how something so scrumptiously adorable when tiny turns into one of the most atrocious body parts when full grown?

I'm scared this is what Azooz might do ! Loool

This made me smile! (and actually laugh out loud a little- mostly b/c I can TOTALLY! see my kid doing this to his sister!

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Six month old baby, lifestyle photography session - This baby is SO CUTE. I love the middle one of her sucking her toes. - in-the-corner

I will be taking a picture of our little girl & her daddy like this for her wedding day. So cute

Daddy Daughter photo ♥ then do another on her wedding day. Alysabeta's first Daddy-Daughter Dance is coming up next month!