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Genetically Modified Blue Strawberries: The blue strawberry was created with the intention of increasing the strawberries' freezing tolerance.

How to Figure Out Biology Prefixes and Suffixes

How to Figure Out Biology Prefixes and Suffixes<< good for helping students learn "science language" Makes me want to go back to school

Actin (blue) and microtubules (orange) at the end of cytokinesis in a green urchin zygote.

Cytokinesis, last step in mitosis aka cell division.

Bioglow's autoluminescent plants will soon glow up for auction, giving the public their first chance to grab one of these living night-lights. #GlowInTheDark #Plants

Glow-in-the-dark plants could soon light up your home

Molecular biologist Alexander Krichevsky, of US biotech company Bioglow, has developed the Starlight Avatar, a luminescent GM tobacco plant, as a first step towards a world in which our nights might be illuminated by plants