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Whoever did this put soo much work into it

Exo Members Couple Symbols, Wow, how would a mashup of ALL the symbols look?

XDDDDD Hard working, ambitious and energetic

That responsible one. That's mine.---The previous pinner claimed Tao, As for me I'll share the Fabulous, Energetic and Friendly one. By the way this meme's hilarious:) And that was by the previous pinner but now the hard-working one is taken too

Que tiempos, se extrañan

I love you all. All 12 of you ❤️ ik Luhan, Tao and Kris mightn't be in the band still but I still love and support you all. Wether that be as a group or soloists I love you all.

how exo flirt 101

how exo flirt 101

fake subs are my favourite thing. if Kai's wasn't a play on english words i…

BTS 으엥??? 엑소 가틍데... 저기 까망머리가 됴고, 빨강머리가 차녈이자나.. BTS->EXO

i am trying so hard to understan who is who from exo in this fanart but. i can't >-< i have only found the obvious ones.but anyway it is cute

Exo is one of the strongest group, be strong guys. We love all of you even kris. So much

On their most recent Happy Camp episode, subtly talking about Kris leaving. Everyone was crying. Tao was crying. Nana was crying. Oh yeah, and I WAS CRYING!

I can live with you guys forever!

EXO-K, Top (left to right): D.O, Sehun, Suho. Bottom (left to right): Chanyeol…

Suho's heartfelt speech | allkpop Meme Center

Suho's heartfelt speech

I feel the emotions in this speech and i'm freaking love this fandom Suho Baekhyun