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Tiburón duende (Mitsukurina owstoni), inusual morro sobresaliente y extraño color rosado-rojizo

Mitsukurina owstoni (Goblin Shark) found at continental shelf levels to deep sea depths the shelf is where most deep sea commercial fishing is done. Scientific Name: Mitsukurina owstoni Rank: Species Higher classification: Mitsukurina

15 снимков, после просмотра которых ты в воду ни ногой

20 Scary Creatures That Live In Our Oceans: Crazy Sea Creatures 1 Read more at…


white shark fully frontal/ this is a sight that no one wants to ever see in person! OMG, I would have a heart attack!

мировой океан

East Urban Home 'Great White Shark at Surface, South Australia' Photographic Print Format: Black Framed, Size: H x W

17 восхитительных фото без грамма фотошопа – Фитнес для мозга

Funny pictures about The Giant Orange Koi Carp. Oh, and cool pics about The Giant Orange Koi Carp. Also, The Giant Orange Koi Carp photos.