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Gypsy by Vivica NightShade

Gemma Richmond's second-place winning make-up in the IMATS London 2011 Beauty/Fantasy Student Competition. Photo by Nick Wall (Pastel Hair Periwinkle)

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This is beautiful! Okay so we paint them all in red and black war paints and give them some crazy looking eyes and mouths - demonic - and flowy basic clothing that doesn't have a time era. High waisted tights and flowy top

Pale face, black/bleeding eyes and maybe creepy contacts - super effective…

Pale face, black/bleeding eyes and maybe creepy contacts - super effective Halloween creepy make-up <<<< i feel like this is a cool concept for a future Kevin cosplay.

Wicked wicked wicked

scary doll makeup - Halloween Costumes 2013 Crit- Seams arn't awful, but they're very noticeable. Open wound makes no sense. Doused in fake blood to cover up a bad sculpt? I don't understand whats up with the white eye make up.

Amazing Halloween Makeup

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Check Out 30 Creepiest Halloween Makeup Ideas. If you don’t have the artistic talent yourself, you can probably find a makeup artist in your area willing to help you out for Halloween.


Halloween Make-up Look Inspirations │ 萬聖節彩妝寶典

Beneath the Flesh Doll Face Scarecrow Special Effects Makeup Black Eyes Gory Doll Scary Old Woman Mermaid Special Effects Makeup Back from the Dead

Betty Boop Halloween Makeup

Betty Boop Boop A Doop! A original Betty Boop in black & white.Betty Boop is the original flirty figure from the The Goods I used.