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That is remarkable

the Twiggy eye. I like how the dark is above the crease, rather than in it- different, would extend the lash line, yes?


Twiggy the fashion model. I think she weighed about 87 pounds soaking wet and was the new standard for "thin." I loved Twiggy

I've been trying to replicate Sharon Tate's makeup..Getting better at it

001: Sharon Tate Makeup Tutorial

Sharon tate - this is how we wore our makeup, thin was in (eyebrows)

OK, when I was in 6th grade, Twiggy was the big thing! I got her paper dolls and in the back was a Twiggy paper dress, the front only that you could tie on with a string....well, if you know me you know I SO DID wear it!!!!

i got inspiration from vintage! look at their dolly makeup and gorgeous outfit TWIGGY fashion icon she is awesome alw.

Let's do the Twiggy

Apply 1960's Style Eye Makeup

Yardley  was all that in the 1960s. I bought the most incredible blue shadow in London. And Jean Shrimpton was their model.

1967 Yardley Ad for new Eyelighter Cream Highlighter featuring model Jean Shrimpton