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Tetsucabra - The Demon Frog by Harris Fagotto

One of my favorite monsters from even though he's kind of a pushover. I miss doing Monster Hunter fan art, so I hope I can do some more soon. Tetsucabra - The Demon Frog

Sick of Hiding, an art print by Andrew Theophilopoulos - INPRNT

Sick Of Hiding by Andrew Theophilopoulos

Dive into The Art of Andrew Theophilopoulos, a Freelance Concept Illustrator based in the USA.

Tresh-League of Legends

League of legends: Thresh by Kytru. Don't play thresh but I love the art!

Inktober Day 05 by DerekLaufman.

One of the cool things I enjoyed about inktober was that I didn't really plan what I was going to draw. Some interesting ideas came out of that.


Lovely triangles, lovely colours, lovely geometric Artwork We Love: Kris Tate’s Psychedelic Prints