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Theodor Landscheidt: Mini-Crash in Tune with Cosmic Rhythms

Theodor Landscheidt: Mini-Crash in Tune with Cosmic Rhythms

Sell Rosh Hashanah - Buy Yom Kippur

Hirsch turns around the old Wall Street adage “ Buy Rosh Hashanah, Sell Yom Kippur.

sun and moon science drawings - Google Search

Mapping the heavens and earth: Apian’s Cosmographia in the Cardiff Rare Books Collection

Louise McWhirter presented her theory in 1938 in "Astrology and Stock Market Forecasting" (p. 7-8) as follows:  “Whenever the North Node passes through Scorpio and Libra [2012-2015], there is a transition period as the curve passes from normal, going from normal to high.  […] The high point of business volume is reached when the North Node transits Leo [2017-2018]. As the North Node goes through Cancer and Gemini, business volume is above normal, but slowly going to normal.  […] Taurus…

SPX vs North Node - Louise McWhirter's Theory of Stock Market Forecasting

Ars notoria sive Flores aurei (The art of magic is, or the flowers of the golden) by Apollonius of Tyana, 13th century alchemy

Apollonius of Tyana: Ars notoria sive Flores aurei Photographic Copy of the text for sale here

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This planet sequence is the main driver of the disordered pattern that happens either side of the U/N conjunction. Below is an image of how the solar orbit varies (purple line)

A Cycles Based Approach to Understanding Solar Activity & Climate

A Case for the Lunar Sabbath - Rebuttal to Angel Rodriguez



Phases of the Moon, Muhammed ibn al-Hasan Emir Su'udi. Matali el-saadet

Ottoman astronomy c) Phases of the Moon, Muhammed ibn al-Hasan Emir Su'udi.


This mysterious cycle is derived from numerology and beyond common reasoning: Divide the number of The Infinite (= 1 ) by The Soul .

Qatar Digital Library manuscripts

How 1,000 years of Arabic scholarship advanced scientific debate – in pictures

Is the Recession Starting? http://www.armstrongeconomics.com/archives/41421

Martin Armstrong Europe economic confidence model, peaks and down after that to 2020