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So funny

I am trying not to laugh, cause I know Peeta would NEVER do this to poor Gale, but this is too funny! :D/:(

The Hanging Tree song, in Mockingjay (third installment of The Hunger Games trilogy).

The Hanging Tree lyrics - I hate that they didn't go into the deeper meaning of the song in the movie, it was one of my favorite things about the book!

No podemos darle tan poco crédito a Gale, acompañó a Katniss cuando era ella pequeña y la ayudó a cazar. Además, su nombre no es mencionado tanto porque él no fue a los Juegos, y obviamente Katniss no va a pensar tanto en él cuando estaba allá. Que no haya estado en la época más difícil de Katniss es porque él sabía que ella necesitaba tiempo para perdonarlo,se sentía cumplable y  sabía que Peeta era el indicado para Katniss.

Oh course Gale has less names than Peeta, he wasn't in either of the games. How about you go back to before the games and see if Peeta has more names than Gale.

lol cool

Me and my friend did the mockingjay whistle in the gym and I kid you not EVERYONE raised 3 fingers. <--hahaha<<< same thing happened in my science class

cute hunger games drawings | Chibi Hunger Games

I love this, except Katniss' facial expression as she stares at Rue doesn't make sense. She adored that little girl.


Oh my gosh I just found a recipe for Dauntless Chocolate Cake online! And I'm re-reading Divergent right now.

I always forget what each of the districts did

Hunger Games Districts - District 9 is hunting. (For Band Festivals my school is in this district and hunting is popular)

When disney meets the hunger games

Mulan meets the Hunger Games. Not sure if I ought to put this in Hunger Games or Disney.guess I'll go Hunger Games this time!