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Cancer as the tattoo

zoazig: “ Floral Constellations Small experiment with flowers and sun signs. A few hours each, sharpie on paper. Available here on my RedBubble Aries-Sweet Pea, Taurus-Hawthorn, Gemini-Honeysuckle,.

If Your Zodiac Sign Was A Drug… Which one would it be - Sarcastic Charm

If Your Zodiac Sign Was A Drug… Which one would it be - Sarcastic Charm. Im a Taurus, but ive never done Ecstasy!

Tell me about it. Helper isn't exactly the easiest to deal with, notwithstanding she has been with me for over 2 years already. Maybe it's because she's still young. But, still, need to keep your moods in check, gal. I think you know your life is very good with us. Else you wouldn't have asked to renew your contract and told us you're thinking of staying with us long term. So, be appreciative and be more matured in thinking k.

I think of so much to say that I don't. I'd be in sooo much trouble if I did.

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Sounds about right

Sounds about right