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Jensen Ackles

Just looked up Jensen Ackles.....I can't breathe from all the gorgeousness that popped up

I like that they had to find a picture outside of supernatural just for him to be smiling in it.<<< HIS SMILE MAKES ME SMILE


Freshly baked meme for you

My life is a lie. This whole time I thought it was a photo. Big props to the person who created these

Image result for jensen ackles hands

Image result for jensen ackles hands

I'm rewatching from the beginning again and his voice is so adorably high in season 1 ☺️

[gifset] Jensen on how as his voice as lowered as he's aged. He's so cute when he's all embarrassed <--- I love the deep voice! It's so cute b/c you think men with deep voices aren't as childish him