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Those are Andy's mom's toys, they have the same name as we do. - this made me laugh much more than I should have.


The Skeptical World Kid meme, also known as the Skeptical Third World Baby shows that even charity shouldn't be taken blindly. This photo meme features a pictur.

'merica, Why?!

This is "Friday Funny: 319 Million People and We've Narrowed it Down to This?" by 420 Intel on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people…

Chuck Norris Don't Try To Be SEXY

Friday Dopamine Dump Photos) If you disobey Chuck Norris, he will find you, he will kill you.

Wait, what did I just see? ... Depending on where it has you facing, you might have to move the image around, but seriously... wtf?!

Wait, what did I just see?

I was told that this is Hermione and Victor Krum are in the sky, but I didn't see that. However, there is something SUPER creepy in the sky. Once you get to the street view, look in the sky to your left. What is that?

This pin shows the dark humor of Death once again by comparing the dark deeds of Hitler to you

14 Photographs That Shatter Your Image of Famous People

Today is Valentine Day! Let’s take a look about the Funniest Pictures About Valentine Day! Enjoy How I feel this valentine’s day When You have no valentine Even Hitler had a Girlfriend