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Writing a murder mystery and need tips?

Have you ever wondered how some people get away with murder? Not everyone gets to be a detective but we know quite a lot about murders and how they happen. This infographic by Top Criminal Justice Schools shows 10 ways people cover up murders

I am a Hufflepuff and the everything they write is a piece of them is so true

I am a Hufflepuff and the everything they write is a piece of them is so true

I would so love to write a book, or maybe just a little something like a perspective of someone.

Writing advice…

8 Simple Steps To Become A Great Writer: Write 50 words. That’s a paragraph. Write 300 pages. That’s a manuscript. Write every day. That’s a habit. Edit and rewrite. Th(Step Quotes Funny)

Back in the fall, The Measured Mom and I worked through a 12-week writing series called Simple Writing Lessons for the Primary Grades. It dawned on me that while we were sharing all these wonderful ideas, I never showed readers how I was organizing all these lessons and ideas in my son’s Writer’s Notebook. Today, I’m sharing …

Inside a Writer's Notebook and Guest Post

Teaching your children to become excellent writers is undoubtedly a vital skill for educational success. Make it easier by organizing one of these notebooks for your students. You’ll love the practical ideas that Becky shares in this post!

I hate short story writing assignments, because I think: "Seriously, how on earth do you expect me to cram a million plot twists into 2 pages?!

Babies Are The Most Honest With Emotions

Perfect gift for a writer/hipster!

Perfect gift for a writer/hipster! I have an actual typewriter I'm not planning on giving up, but this would be fun.