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Everyone knows not to mess with deans angle

''Every single angel knows how much Dean means to Castiel and every single monster in Purgatory knows how much Cas means to Dean.

''Do you ever just forget that Crowley is supposed to be bad guy?'' ALL. THE. TIME.

Saw Mark Sheppard at and he adamantly denied that Crowley was a bad guy haha

That's awesome

Supernatural AU where Sam becomes an amazing lawyer.featuring the unlawful Dean ^^

I am going to melt into a puddle of tears | I've heard this is a fic pls someone tell me the name and where to find it

I am going to melt into a puddle of tears<<<There's a fanfiction called 40 Day Dream on based off of this prompt.

Haha! Destiel & snark all in one package:)

catstiel novak and dean winchespurr>> no shit I had a cat named catstail (pronounced catstiel) I also had a Crowley the Carrot (cat parrot because he would sit on my shoulder). I also had a Meg who sadly was killed.


Of course Dean loves Cas! There family why do people get so excited over something that's really not a big deal? I love that they love each other, but that's what families do!

Ohhh I'm pretty sure i would have cried that's a deadly mix

I was flipping through stations the other day and comws played me and my mom both almost screamed i swear

Well worrying about Dean is kind of a given. I mean he's Dean.

*aggressively worries about how even Dean doesn't worry about Dean* *aggressively worries about Dean even more*