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Yes I do this all the time and then I'm like that didn't actually hurt the the person next to me

its like I say ouch and then there there sayin omg r u okay? and then I'm like no its okay it didn't hurt and they just be like you just said ouch

This is everyone in class with no hands up and the teacher is like " More hand's come on" Well guess what we dont know the answer!!!LOL

I raise my hand just for the reason that teachers don't call on kids with their hands raised


Teenager Post - I swear medicine companies have absolutely no clue what fruit tastes like.

It's sad but I immediately know where I've seen most actors before because I'm a fangirl

Teenagers Posts About Love : Picture Description I did that with Mark Shepard who is in Doctor Who and Supernatural. I saw him on Supernatural and then saw him on Doctor Who I yelled " That's the King of Hell!" Everyone looked like I was insane.

#TB to 5th grade math class.... :p

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Bethany bought 37 boxes of donuts. Me: I don't know whether to be excited or embarrassed.<<<<<hahahaha XD that comment :D

No bc I haven't met my celebrity crushes lol <- posting for the comment<<<< True but I still wonder if I have met them

when the boy you like likes your best friend - Google Search

like hearing that one of your best friends who is ten times prettier then you likes the same guy you like.>> Or hearing your crush likes someone else