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Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe sleeping on the set of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Rupert And His Ice-cream Truck

Funny pictures about Rupert and his ice-cream truck. Oh, and cool pics about Rupert and his ice-cream truck. Also, Rupert and his ice-cream truck.


Actually, when you whip your stairs back and forth, you will loose 40 floor cells per whip. (When you whip you head back and forth, you loose 40 brain cells per whip)

Best speech ever!

This is the reason I love Neville :) it may not be how it happened in the book but he always stood for what was right even if it was standing up to his friends. Neville Longbottom is MY hero :)

and no it doesn't matter that I own all of them on DVD

I'm sorry, all plans have been cancelled for today. ABC Family just announced a Harry Potter Marathon. I have all the books and every movie, but I will still watch the marathon.

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"Particular proclivity for pyrotechnics" the nice way to say the kid is a walking disaster who can finally achieve his true calling by blowing things up and helping to make life hell for Voldemort.

Harry Potter combined with Starry night ♥

Original painting made into glossy print. The magic of Harry Potter combined with Van Goghs famous Starry Night can be yours. Any Harry Potter

Favourite line from Harry Potter Neville caused a slight diversion turning into a canary

Or: Eve looked like she was going to kill someone for the seventy second time that day, and he finally wanted to tell her to go for it. He hated Snape too.

The only boy to make her cry, but she never let him see. That faint sound is my heart shattering.

Every time Hermione is seen crying, it's because of Ron. I don't ship Harry+Hermione, but I ALWAYS hated the idea of her and Ron. I love her character so much and think she deserves a better love story than the one she got.