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South Carolina Republican Representatives Shamed Themselves - News - Bubblews

South Carolina Republican Representatives Shamed Themselves - News - Bubblews

American Psychological Association: "Elder Abuse and Neglect: In Search of Solutions"

Abuse of Seniors On the Rise - News - Bubblews

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines - Customer Care Response to Incident - News - Bubblews

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Javaman Travels - Bob Hope - Burbank Airport - News - Bubblews

Puncak, West Java

Javaman Travels - Puncak Pass Villas - South of Jakarta - News - Bubblews

Tourism in Bilbao in Basque Country, Spain | Spain.info in english

Music,Pop/Rock in Spain: Bilbao BBK Live in Vizcaya - Bizkaia .



NEW PLYMOUTH and Mt Taranaki

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Indonesian textile E74756B

Javaman Travels - Batik Textile - Solo Java Indonesia - News - Bubblews

Photo of Armstrong smiling in his spacesuit

Neil Armstrong 1930 - The First Man On The Moon. astronaut Neil Armstrong smiles in the lunar module after his historic moonwalk is pictured in this NASA handout photo.

Wayang Kulit shadowplay performance in Yogyakarta.  Wayang_Kulit_Indonesia,_Yogyakarta.jpg 1,000×750 pixels

Wayang Kulit Indonesia, Yogyakarta - Shadow play - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ted Cruz has made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t care for the ways of Washington. From the moment of his arrival in the nation’s capital, the brash Texas senator has challenged the Washington establishment and old order, declaring political war on Democrats, many of his fellow Republicans, Beltway insiders, the executive branch, and...

Ted Cruz is no Washington outsider

Opinion: On political money, the Texas senator is all hat and no cattle.