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This was the very first ghibli collab Cinnamoron and I did! ^^ The fun experiments began here. Do you see the little delivery sign in the background oh . Jiji from Kiki's Deliver Service


[Material] super nice painting eyes, it must be a master of the art of the eye, is a touch short burst, and a small figure very high energy, (zu ω `) ~ and the source would not be a fair level combat ah. Hand-drawn pencil sketch manuscript illustrator via

Howl's Moving Castle (Just realized why he said that in the beginning!) (Whoa!!!)

Mind blowing sentences from Howl's moving castle (Studio Ghibli Film) >I watched it so many times, yet I still missed that XD

Full Moon painting: metal print of acrylic (blue, purple, green, white) original Moon art, Moontides II, by Kauai fine artist Donia Lilly on Etsy, $80.00

Full Moon painting - greeting card (LARGE) - blue, purple, green, white, original Moon art - Moontides II - by Kauai fine artist Donia Lilly on Etsy

This kodama clock that’s just as perplexed with the formalities of time as you. | 33 Gifts That Any Miyazaki Lover Will Go Nuts Over


Dimensions: Laser cut & etched Kodama clock The iconic image of the forest spirts dominating Hayeo Miyazakis Princess Mononoke. As the time changes so does its face! *clickclickclick---rattatatatat* Takes one AA battery (not included)

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What better way to celebrate our love of Japanese monsters than by making a commemorative necklace of the Princess of Monsters? Miyazakis movies are