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human electric hybrid bicycle

trayser electric bicycle utilizes modular frame for ultimate repairability

RAIVem Rapid Assault & Interception Vehicle

When you absolutely positively have to cut a swath through that zombie horde .

product designer Christian Troels

product designer Christian Troels

Home built neighborhood electric vehicle. Looks like 4 electric bicycle wheel hubs

Home built neighborhood electric vehicle. Looks like 4 electric bicycle wheel hubs

eBike News: Eurobike Innovations, Titling eTrike, Chainless, New Bosch, &…

2.bp.blogspot.com --KU9KQG96XA T5AFNwnxToI AAAAAAAAaWA rRQAdfnlVuE s1600 Ronin+Bicycle+Works_+Hand-Folded+Metal+Bicycle+Frame+by+Ronin+Metal+Masters+%E2%80%94+Kickstarter-1.jpg

Ronin Bicycle Works is planning on manufacturing a line of bicycles with frames made from hand-folded sheet metal.

Quadriciclo muito interessante

Quadriciclo muito interessante

Surly Quad bike - need to build myself one of these, but with a much more comfortable seat.

Fantastica bicicleta eléctrica estilo retro. | Quiero más diseño

Cool retro bikes - OTO electric bicycles reach 65 km/h and feature start-stop system

Picture of Understanding Motor and Gearbox Design

Understanding Motor and Gearbox Design

Why Spend Time Choosing the Right Motor and Gearbox? Choosing the correct combination of a motor and a gearbox for a given application is very important, both in the.


Electric Bikes vs. Regular Bikes: The Real Difference by

Besides having a motor and a battery, electric bikes are fundamentally different than regular bikes.

Art in Motion: Classy Wooden Bike Design

Electric assisted cargo bike RAIOOO is stylish & pragmatic (Video)

The ‘Lyra’ integrates lighting and security into a commuter bike

The Lyra bike offers built-in LEDs for a safer ride and GPS for tracking

mssion-bicycles-lyra-smart-mission bicycles integrate lighting and GPS into frame of elegant city commuter