Gorgeous image of Jasmine at her fountain with water lilies!

Image detail for -Jasmine - Disney Princess Fan Art - Fanpop on we heart it .


The my "Collection: DIsney Lingerie" continues with jasmine Hope you like it! lol Here Ariel [link] Disney Lingerie: Jasmine

I love this paint version.

More Disney princesses from DeviantArt. There are some evil characters too :) These ones are Esmeralda, Jasmine, Meg, Rapunzel, Snow White and Pocahontas. What I like about these it these drawings don't makes the princesses look like sticks.

Which Disney princess does your personality resmble best? (1937-1998)

Which Disney Princess Are You Most Like? (1937-1998)

30 day Disney challenge day 6 prettiest princess honestly they're all pretty. Princess Jasmine is one of the few princesses who aren't white so I'll pick her