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Black Fat Tailed Scorpion

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Emergency Kits Plus: How wide is the Scorpion's habitat and what is the...

This unique creature belongs to the class “Arachnid” to which also mites, ticks and spiders belong. Adult emperors grow approx 20 cm in length.


Trapdoor spider has segmented plates on its back, making it the most ancient of all living spiders and the closest relative to the scorpions in the spider family

baby scorpion

Taken in Singapore forest at night Quote [link] Unlike the majority of species in the class arachnid, which are oviparous, scorpions seem to be universa. Mama scorpion with fat babies


The Praying Mantis is named for its prominent front legs, which are bent and held together at an angle that suggests the position of prayer ~ and the enhanced facial features of this photo make it look almost human. My favorite bug ever!

Dragons are REAL!  Alright, so what they actually found is a small lizard in Indonesia that greatly resembles a miniature dragon...either way it is awesome!

Y'Know the Flying Dragons in Avatar? Tiny Real-Life Version Photographed in Indonesia

Draco Volans ~ Tiny dragon discovered in Indonesia. God is awesome! Dragons are real, created when God created the Earth, a little over years ago. Dragon is also mentioned 35 times in the KJV! We have a big God people!

What's That Thing In My Shoe?

What’s That Thing In My Shoe?

that would freak me out! i would be too dumb and reach in there to take out the egg thinking it was just a seed and get bit or something.>>>> oh that's horrid!

Too much nope to handle…

Too much nope to handle…

Saw this thing in the tsunami video. the Ningen. The Ningen, a Japanese cryptid, is a very large animal allegedly sighted by Japanese fishers. The name Ningen literally means human", The creature

Picture of black friesian stallion gallop in sunset stock photo, images and stock photography.

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Endangered Florida manatee (Trichechus manatus), Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, Florida Such cool animals. Swim with them if you ever get the chance!