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...and the jumping and whisper squeals and slapping who everts close just to get them to see exactly what you're seeing because you think everyone should know what he looks like.

this happened cuz at baseball game when i see my bf know at the baseball game playing when he looked at me and i looked at him i all ways smiled and i was happy ☺

I really am ♥

Yes, I am. :) Thank you God for all the people u put into my life. U gave me the best family ever, and some amazing times with them. thanks God.

Why does this have to be so true...

This happens to me more often than I care to admit.usually in the car after a shitty day.

Ok this isn't the theme of the album but I had to do it because it falls under the dream category

I Pray For You - Jaron-- Not a country fan, but I've always been an 'Evan & Jaron' fan.

#And That's Who I Am #Friends

My girl and guy friends. Especially by best friend and boyfriend. That's who I am.

And thats who i am

and that's who I am. I hide my feelings all the time and my teacher caught on to that and said "I hide behind a bubbly exterior so people don't see my pain"

is there somewhere you can meet me- halsey

Is There Somewhere - Halsey (Wattana/Masud from W's pov)