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Games and consoles should be played for fun. And one is not better when it has better graphics or smoother gameplay.

To the ppl who are trying to justify the Apple watch price because it's made of gold - FunSubstance

But like all good games, we got this ability in the sequel

Assassin's Creed memes - The best Assassin's Creed images and jokes we've seen

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Vinyl Decal Protective Skin Cover Sticker for Sony Console And 2 Dualshock Controllers Vampire Skull Style


Mister Handy until the end of time, even doe I killed him all the time in fallout hahaha!

Xbox One NES Skin

If you like the design cues of old school gaming, but like modern gaming consoles, check this out. You can have the best of both worlds with these retro NE.

Skyrim's Dragonborn vs. Fallout's Vault Dweller

Skyrim Vs Fallout // Skyrim and Fallout . Are amazing games *Sheds single tear*

[The Evil Within] Best writing in a video game!

[The Evil Within] Best writing in a video game!

How to Kill the most annoying characters in the game #Fallout4 #gaming #Fallout #Bethesda #games #PS4share #PS4 #FO4

nice News: Destiny& greatest arsenal, Advanced Warfare& new gear, Fallout 4 .