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*sings to Kpop songs but doesn't understand a single word* Newtie is a cutie ❤ x QOTD: What's your favourite all time brand? x AOTD: Nike and Calvin Klein x

Imagine: Newt is talking to the people who were in the other mazes ...

" Newt: *looks at you looking at him.do you love me? Me: "of course I love you Newt. Newt: *smiles at you* "that's all I need"<< isn't the scorch really hot though?

"Y/N, it's alright. Please calm down. You don't have beat yourself over this. I know you didn't want the kiss, I'm not mad...well to be bloody honest I am kinda mad at Thomas. Not at you, never at you...I'm rambling aren't I?"

" "Thomas tried to kiss me! We just came out of the maze and he leaned in and tried to kiss me!" "Homestead" Newt turns on his heel and starts walking toward the homesta

Watch lana parrilla's pizza's Vine, "Newt imagine! Surprise I'm ...

If this happened I would die❤️ mainly because there is not way I would survive the maze but also because of newtttt❤️❤️❤️