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Ahhh Adele

you had my heart and soul in your hand and you played it to the beat. - adele, rolling in the deep

Wishin i was, knee deep in the water somewhere

An entry from The Sweet Simple Life

admiredlyrics: Knee Deep - Zac Brown Band One of the best summer songs ever!

yes...:( the lovely guy that broke my naive heart! why im i such an idiot? why couldn't i see he was cheating on me, why could i read right through his lies? Why did i keep letting him back in when he left? Why did i let him make me his second choice? Why im i so stupid? and mostly why do i miss him so much? The last time i saw him was in May...:/ maybe because its December... i dont know...:'(

Did You Ever Notice That There Is Always That Particular Line In That Certain Song

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