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Районният съд в Козлодуй постанови 2 ефективни присъди за крадци на кучета.

"Good Guard Dog" ---- [The German shepherd dog is hailed as the world's leading police, guard, and military dog.]~[Photograph courtesy of THE AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB,

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Biggest to the Smallest

We have two GSD’s, my poor floors!

We have two GSD’s, my poor floors!

German Shepherds:  one of the smartest, most loyal, loving dogs. i highly recommend this breed for it's intelligence, energy and loyalty.  excellent guard dog (obviously) and wonderful family member.  they are up for whatever you want to do!  they do shed but having them groomed regularly makes this a small issue.  you will have a true friend for life.  that's for sure.

German Shepard puppies :) I want one so bad!

what a beauty!!

This dog reminds me of Lepa. A dog I had when I was married to Bill. She would always jump the fence to go to Cooksie's house. He later adopted her.

"Our GSD just likes to wade in the water - she won't swim. I've seen GSDs freak out when they come in contact with water. Too funny!

 #GermanShepherd #dogs

#GermanShepherd #dogs

Deer?  What Deer? Don't Know What You're Talking About....

Reminds me of myGerman shepherd, Harley. She loves chasing the deer all around the yard.

War Veteran walks proudly!

Trident K9 Warriors: An interview with Former Navy SEAL Mike Ritland

Thank you for your service soldier! important to understand about the Warrior Dog Foundation is that it was founded first and foremost to be there for retired Military Working Dogs in any capacity.

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The German Shepherd

German Shepherd. This looks like our Chief... he was the all around BEST dog. I want to get another one to have with Hank!!!

German Shepherd----our dear ol' dog, Ranger.

Adorable King Shepherd

King Shepherd- a breed created by mixing a German shepherd, a Great Pyrenees & a Alaskan Malamute. They are about 50 lbs more than a regular German Shepherd. Beautiful breed of dog, extremely stunning.

Though I share life with my female Border Collie Joy, I LOVE German Shepherds as they are both working dogs and loyal as all get out.

Unbelievably beautiful to GSD

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I absolutely LOVE how German shepherds stand!

German Shepherd

A German Shepherd puppy would be a dream for my birthday


"Once you have a German Shepherd, one with the true gentle, fun, almost human personality of the breed you don't want anything else." I thik so too!