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A beautiful rainbow chameleon also known as Veiled chameleon. (Chamaeleo calyptratus) Would you like to take him as pet ?

Hi. I'm a frog with blue cheeks. - Imgur

Dan Wilcox: Yellow Blue Indian bullfrog Hoplobatrachus tigerinus It's real. Indian Bullfrogs are large frogs that grow up to 15 cms inches) in length. They are yellowish/olive green in color and they have dark irregular markings.

I don't know but I think if I were an extraordinarily moody person I might hold off on using any body parts of my enemies for fashion trends and stuff...mood might change in 5-7 minutes.

Veiled Chameleon

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“ Tree frog and chalk hill blue butterfly, photo Wil Mijer ” -Frog: Ohhh! You are a beautiful.

Pure beauty

Mother and Son by Johannes Wapelhorst. Mother and Son by Johannes Wapelhorst.

Bush Viper Snake HD - http://www.newiphonewallpapers.net/animals/bush-viper-snake-hd/

texasuberalles: ““ The beautiful, extremely poisonous African Bush Viper. ” “Bush Viper” my butt, that thing is clearly a Salamander looking for a new inferno to live in.

(not an insect, i know) this is a Cuban Painted Snail. Theyre endangered now, so STOP buying these pretty shells please :)

CUBAN PAINTED SNAIL Polymita picta ©Adrián González Guillén Polymita picta, common name the “Cuban land snail” or the “painted snail”, is a species of large, air-breathing land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family.

My My What Do I See? . . . 5 Frogs Up in a Tree!

My My What Do I See? . . . 5 Frogs Up in a Tree!