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ナナカワ/イラストレーター/お仕事募集してます。 nnmu777@gmail.com

I'm Hisao, and I have sand magic. I tend to make my own rules, and not loom around in the Haven guild. I'm kind of a mysterious guy. I have my guild mark on my upper cheek as well.


girl Black and White anime sweater alone manga skirt monochrome short hair solo baggy standing (White Hair Bob)

Tags: "beach" "beverage" "bikini" "brown eyes" "brown hair" "dark skin" "jacket" "long hair" "nail polish" "sandals" "sky" "umbrella" Artist: "Nanakawa (encount)"

Illustrations with Beach Balls - pixivision

「海原107室」/「葉雪」のイラスト [pixiv]

[pixiv] Although I am a scientist at heart.This Picture Captures More Than The Words I Can Say.THIS IS A 3 THUMBS UP!


Black_hair closed_eyes drugged drugs fluorescent_lamp lying messy_room on_back original pill school_uniform serafuku shop sleeping zain on Designspiration

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