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Chino Otsuka, a Japanese photographer/artist inserted herself into her childhood photos

Photographer Chino Otsuka Travels Back in Time to Meet Younger Self in series titles “Imagine Finding Me.

Kristy Mitchell

Photographer Kirsty Mitchell Creates Trail Using 1,000 Fresh Flowers in Latest Installment of Her 'Wonderland' Series

chino otsuka (she put her grown up self into her childhood photos!) <3

chino_otsuka - artist places older self in vintage photographs of her younger self. fucking love this.

同じあの場所であの頃の私と出会えた、古い自分の写真に現在の自分を合成したノスタルジア溢れる写真シリーズ「Imagine Finding Me」 - DNA

Photographer Chino Otsuka went back in time and built a snowman with the kid version of herself from 1980 in Nagayama, Japan in her photo se.



Imagine Finding Me | Chino Otsuka Superimposes Her Adult Self Into Childhood Photos

Imagine Finding Me

1979 & 2006 Kitakamakura, Japan via Chino Otsuka Imagine Finding Me Series Chino Otsuka, photographer, inserts herself digitally in photographs taken of her as a child.

I really really love the collages/photo interventions of the English artist Julie Cockburn. Her style inspires me a lot, she is one of my fave artist of the moment.

Inspired – Julie Cockburn

The Unseen Photo Fair returns to Amsterdam from 23 to 25 September Held at the city's Westergasfabriek, this fresh international photography fair focuses primarily on undiscovered photography talent and unseen work by established photographers.

Joshua Veldstra

“…that fitful strain of melancholy which will ever be found inseperable from the perfection of the beautiful.

“Tokyo 4-3-4-506“ by Chino Otsuka

“Tokyo by Chino Otsuka

Chino Otsuka - A World of Memories

Chino Otsuka - A World of Memories

The Decline of Play and Rise of Mental Disorders: Peter Gray at TEDxNavesink

The Stanley Clark School agrees that play is critical. For more info, see The decline of play: Peter Gray at TEDxNavesink.

Give Your Photos a Color Ink Sketch Effect | Photoshop Roadmap

Give Your Photos a Color Ink Sketch Effect

Give Your Photos a Color Ink Sketch Effect | Photoshop Roadmap