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When your kid asks for a snack: | 21 Pop Culture References You Make That Go Over Your Kids' Heads

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90s kids

You're A Kid if. (Kenan & Kel , Doug, Rocko's Modern Life, and Rocket Power!

The Big Comfy Couch, i loved this show sooo much when i was little!

The big comfy couch! A huge part of my childhood with Luna and Molly a clown and her dolly on the big comfy couch!

Loved all these shows, including salute your shorts and hey dude among others lol!!

Old school Nickelodeon - Legends of the hidden temple was my fav.

I loved these. Wish I could find for the kids.

Sketch Scented Markers, the gateway drug for every grade schooler! If you show me a box of used up Mr. Sketch Scented Markers, I'll show you a


I had a Nano Puppy (mine was green instead of fuschia). I took very good care of it, and it lived a long time (in Nano Pet years).

Banana Clips - I remember these. I still have a white one and wear it often.

Banana Clips- used this for my hair for a high school dance! Curled my hair and then put in a banana clip. People could not figure out how my hair was done!

I really do miss them and the black paper notebooks that they were made to write on so they'd show up better...

Milky pens…

I remember getting a letter from my childhood penpal on black paper and thought it was the most amazing thing ever. I really do miss them and the black paper notebooks that they were made to write on so they'd show up better.

Polly Pocket. The ONLY things I've ever regretted getting rid of. since i'm like the opposite of a hoarder, less is better. but i soooo wish i kept these!!

Polly Pocket

Back when Polly actually fit in your pocket. And no one had to tell us, "Don't choke on Polly Pocket," because we weren't stupid enough to eat her. -- oh my gosh i had this exact polly pocket!