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HD Wallpaper and background photos of yato noragami for fans of Noragami images.

Yato :DDD

Gif Noragami ~~ Wow, Yato, don't smile or anything there.

my multiple reaction to someone telling me they like me. It depends. lol

Hiyori, Yukine, and Yato. This basically What noragami is about XDDDDD

:)) #Hiyori #Yukine #Yato  haha GET...AWAY..FROM..HER!

Noragami ~~ Yato expresses his displeasure over Yukine enjoying the closeness of Hiyori's um, "feminine assets". {snicker} and Yato feeling the pain from Yukine.

Noragami aww:

Kiss dibs

Noragami ~~ Is Yukine angry that Yato tried to steal his thunder or is he angry Yato kissed her instead of him. Ah, I love open ended comics like this. Yatori for life tho

we still love you, yato!!!

He seems incredibly powerful here! Noragami Yato/// This is actually my favourite picture of him