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Writing: Day 121: May 1, 2016   Who Needs God

Writing: Day 358 Swirling Around Truth

Writing: Day 37  Moses Reminded and God Relented

March 2015 Day 84 It looked like failure. It looked like complete failure. All his statements were false, obviously, look at him han.

Writing: Day 129 Loving Life

May 2015 Day 129 Life is packed, to the gills. When people say, "Wow! You are busy!" I reply, "I am, but I like everything on my list.

Writing: Day 35: February 5, 2016 Grab Some Glory

February 206 Day 36 Grab Some Glory I can not believe they do not understand me. I can not beli.

Writing: Day 244 Need I Say More?

September 2015 Day 259 No Words.

Writing: Day 88: March 29, 2016 Verbage vs. THE WORD

Writing: Day 88: March 29, 2016 Verbage vs. THE WORD

Writing: Day 223 "Thank You!" List - The First Day

August 2015 Day 223 First Day of "Thank You" List Today begins a "Thank You! You will be able to add to this list anywhere.

Writing: Day 137 You and I

May 2015 Day 137 On most Tuesday nights I can be found on our property in a studio with a collection of women.

Writing: Day 136: May 17, 2016      Hesed

May 2016 Hesed Day 137 Because of the Lord's great love (hesed) we are not consumed. For His compassions (mercies) never fail.