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FRAME consists of two pieces of acrylic glass, four pieces of oak and a rubber band.

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Seeds, pod, stone and sticks - nature's delight courtesy of Harriet Goodall #natural #style ♥️

collection of natural objects - place one of Amy's findings from her "Treasure Hunts" or "Scavenger Hunts" in a shadow box. My little nature girl.

Writing! Deliver or visit with a care message. There is beauty in writing and person, it does not all have to be all internet and devices! Write & scroll scribe..

Old letter, pressed flowers, candle light.brings me back to a past life.

Old things, new things, found things, saved things. I like how this is laid out neatly but not perfectly.

errer (like this idea for colour cards)

°• instagram: zoelouise187 •°

°• instagram: zoelouise187 •°